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Linda has a Bachelor degree in Interior Design from RMIT.  The Melbourne born interior designer and self taught painter works as a TAFE teacher and a freelance artist. She is a passionate design educator and is currently working towards a painting exhibition and expanding her commission base to the interior design industry. She is a member of the Design Institute of Australia and the National Association for the Visual Arts.

Linda observes the landscape with sensitivity and her paintings possess a purity, subtlety and ethereal abstraction. 

"I consider that I paint on the same ground as Clifton Pugh and I am captivated by the same light and the same bush of the Australian landscape painters before me. I am influenced by Lloyd Rees, Nicholas de Stael and the modernist landscape painters especially Agnes Martin and the Colour Field painters of the 1960s. I love pushing the paint across the canvas and am constantly exploring its texture, consistency and limits."



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